Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sure As Kilimanjaro Rises Like Olympus Above the Serengeti

I'm drinking a beer right now, which is a good thing considering the news I just got. But before I get to the news itself, let me back up and give you some context.

I've mentioned before how obscure my area of philosophy is. For example, there was exactly one job ad in last year's JFP looking for someone like me. So the job prospects sort of suck ass--even by philosophy job market standards.

Well, last week I e-mailed a guy I know who does what I do. I wanted to see if he was interested in getting a symposium proposal together for a conference. (I figured there might be some strength in numbers.) I just got his reply. He's bailed out of academia and he's teaching English in the third world. Which is to say, the job prospects for people in philosophy who do what I do are basically the same as for aimless 21-year-olds lit majors.

I'm going to back to my beer now.

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