Saturday, August 4, 2007

I Should Have Known Better With a Girl Like You

A lot of things you need to do for the job market seem really obvious to me, and I sometimes find it hard to believe there are people dumb enough not to do them. Like, for example, not wearing sweatpants to your job talk.

Well, here's a couple of complete no-fucking-brainers I was too stupid to figure out for myself last year. This wiki tells me to put my damn name as a header on every page I send in with my application package. Yeah, all the pages of my CV are stapled together and my name's on the front. But those pages won't be stapled together when whoever's photocopying them is done. Also, these people in Buffalo say (warning: big pdf) you should always use the past and present tense--and never the future--when you're talking about your teaching. I guess that makes you seem more experienced. Sounds like a worthwhile ploy.

I give myself even odds on remembering to do either one of those things.

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