Thursday, August 23, 2007

He's Read Too Many Books

In honor of the Future Dr. Mrs. Dr. PGS's impending move out here, here's a great story about an academic moving:
When I called moving companies last week to get estimates about my impending move, one of them asked me what I did for a living, and then what field I was in. I told him, then asked why he wanted to know. "Books," he said, darkly. "Always so many &%$# books."
Yep. Always so many fucking books.

Update: Someone responds to that story with this one:
When I moved and mentioned to the mover that I am an academic he literally said "Ka-ching!" All those books add a lot of extra weight.

Of course, there's no analogous sound for the money us grad students spend to move, since pizza and beer don't really make noise.


Anonymous said...

They add wieght, but there are many other ways they can scam you, and then blame it on the books, etc. See websites like for tips on how to move without getting in trouble. I've learned about this the hard way...

Anonymous said...

As an Assistant Prof with too many books, I say go with a rental truck or PODS. We used PODS this time, and it worked great. I did worry the POD would collapse under the weight, but apparently they factor in the possibility of academics because it held up fine. Moving companies almost always rip you off because they don't need your repeat business to survive and they tend to be owned by sleazebags.

Pseudonymous Grad Student said...

Anon. #1 -- Thanks for the link. That's site has some crazy stories.

Anon. #2 -- The pod turned out to be the best way to go for us this time--much better than a rental truck for a one-way move.