Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All This Rejection's Got Me So Low

In case my PFOs are starting get dull for people, I wanted to pass this along from the Chronicle forums:
I just opened a rather curt rejection letter, US mail. Dime a dozen, of course, but this one had something in it that makes it stand WAY out. Usually reject letters are one-page affairs, with nothing else, but this one page reject letter was accompanied by a full-color, glossy advertisement for the school, an ad for soliciting students.

Holy shit. That's really fucking tacky, isn't it? "Um, could you just do this one thing for us? Could you find a spot on a bulletin board in your lounge for this little ad? That'd be great. Thanks so much. And then go fuck yourself, because we're not giving you a job."

Would it be petty to just throw the ad out in the recycling bin? Sure it would. But do I think getting stone-cold rejected by absolutely everybody earns you the right to be a little petty? Yes I do.

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