Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Whole World Lies Waiting Behind Door Number Three

I just found a funny post in the Chronicle forums. Well, "funny" in the philosophy job market sense of funny. The poster tries to say what he thinks the worst possible AOS is for trying to get a job. Any guesses as to what his example was? Yeah. The example is exactly my AOS. Awesome.

It reminds me of something an old professor of mine told me sometime before last year's market. He said, "you're the candidate no one's looking for." The guy wasn't being an asshole. He just knows how obscure my work is and he was trying to tell me what to expect from the market. And he was right. For the most part, I was the candidate no one's looking for.

I'll never be a department's first choice. I guess what that means is, if I get the kind of job I want, it'll be because I'm a consensus third choice.

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