Friday, August 3, 2007

Get Off the Internet, I'll Meet You in the Streeet

The Future Dr. Mrs Dr. PGS is spending the day making a webpage for the coming year's market. I tried to convince her she should get a myspace page, because her CV and research interests are so, you know, academic , and what she really needs are a sweet flashing background and Beyoncé videos. That would be awesome.

Anyway, I can't imagine a webpage is all that useful on the market, but maybe it makes it marginally easier for search committees to see who you are. So I guess I should do it. But I'm procrastinating, because a webpage will mean I have to update my CV, and I don't like doing that too often. If that seems weird, let me farm out the explanation to another grad student in philosophy, Lily of the Valley:
Working on my CV made me feel like crap. I'm updating and revising my CV in preparation to send out a lot of applications for the next academic year. I am anything but convinced that I have a lot going for me in getting a teaching position at a university for next year. Where are my non-existent putblications? Where is any evidence that I've been attending conferences and participating in panel reviews? Nowhere! I'm doomed. But, I need a job!

Oh, man. You know what sucks? Sitting down to update your CV and realizing you've got nothing to do except push back the date you "expect" to finish your PhD by a year. I want to avoid that at all costs. Of course, the obvious way to avoid it is actually to produce some work, but it turns out that's sort of hard. So instead, my strategy's always been to just avoid updating my CV for as long as possible. Then when I finally get around to it, hopefully I've got something to add.

So no webpage for me. At least not yet.

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