Monday, April 23, 2007

Now That You’re Here Boy, All I Want is Just a Chance to Say, Get Out, Leave, Right Now

I was thinking more about this seminar on the "post-acadmic job track" and I realized it's sort of weird that I had no idea my school did these things. I mean, aren't us philosophers supposed to get the e-mails about these things too?

But as soon as I asked myself that question, I realized how silly I was being. Of course we don't get those e-mails. My department doesn't give a flying fuck about our careers except when our careers make their placements stats look good. They have an interest in making sure those of us who try to get tenure track jobs get them. But anything else? As long as you avoid fucking up their stats by not even trying to get a tenure track job, they could care less what you do. They care so little, e.g., that the grad chair won't even bother to forward a fucking e-mail about how not to become homeless after you've failed as an academic.

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