Friday, April 13, 2007

Get Your Act Together We Could Be Just Fine

In comments, PJMB friend and former roommate Anon. offers this alternative take on the eight course teaching load. A tenured faculty member relays that
his first job, where his teaching load was 4-4, provided him FAR MORE time to research than his current job, which is ostensibly geared toward reasearch. All committee work at the 4-4 school was a joke, and there were no colloquia, and he taught essentially the same thing, quarter to quarter. Since he used all multiple choice exams, once prep for a course was done once, there was little else to do.

He always had a 3 day weekend, and summers were totally free.

That's a good point. My experience last year was with a school that wanted significant faculty participation in the academic environment outside the classroom, and it had pretty serious expectations about faculty availablity for students, individual mentoring, etc. But if they don't mind multiple guess tests and a closed office door, that might be a whole 'nother story.