Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Comics

--By Soon-to-be-Jaded Dissertator


Diogenes said...

This isn't in response to the comic per se, but here goes. You all, or your commentators, had mentioned at some point a desire for numbers (applicants vs. jobs). Well, here is an attempt to do just this for another field: Classics.

2006-2007 Classics Data

Ideally, your APA ought to do this, and publish it. Our APA is equally lame, partly out of inability to track things with any accuracy, and partly out of self-interest, I presume. So somebody in the field decided to try and do it instead.

I'm not sure if Philosophy releases anything like the Placement Book (which contains the CVs of about half of all applicants), or provides applicant numbers in some format. But perhaps an enterprising soul or two might take on the task of crunching the Philosophy numbers. It was illuminating for me to see the data. Forewarned is forearmed.

lostmarbles said...

I am now so burnt-out that it is taking me a week,a whole week, to get through 28 weeks later (that's a movie, by the way, not a book). Anyone else finding it hard to concentrate?

Anonymous said...