Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Dollar When I'm Hard Up III

I forgot to get envelopes at Staples yesterday, which meant my school's bookstore shook me down for $17. But thanks to Robert's suggestion that I double-side my writing sample, I brought the per-package cost down to $2.33 for jobs in the US. So USPS only took me for $127.64 yesterday.

Total spent so far this year: $365.66.

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John Turri said...

Not only could you double-side your writing sample, but you could adjust the print settings to print two pages per side. A twenty-page writing sample would fit on five pages!

There's the possible drawback of making it more difficult for hurried committee members to read your writing sample. But the print won't be any smaller than the average journal article, and it's double spaced, so overall, it's actually easier to read.