Monday, November 19, 2007

Everybody Wants Some, Baby, How 'Bout You?

There's a few more reactions in comments to that Mississippi State job that's only for Phi Beta Kappa members.

Anon. #1 says,
My undergrad did not have a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, so I had no opportunity to enter the PBK guild. I did however, previously work at BK. That is, I was previously a Burger King employee. So I am somewhat PBK. But I doubt that makes me PBK enough for Mississippi philosophy.
To which Liberal Arts Prof. adds,
I, too, am PBK! Post Burger King. God, I hated that job. My last day I spilled the the old fryer grease all over the floor because my bozo of a manager left the plug undone. I think I quit rather than spend my break cleaning it up. My god, what hellish memories you bring back. Starkville would be much better.
But the final word goes to Anon #2:
I feel a little sorry for them if it's true that they're being strong-armed by the university administration, but I also think that they deserve to get a good deal of Burger King-related prank mail, just to remind them of how retarded their job advertisement is.


Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, none of the current faculty in the department list themselves as PBK members -- in which case, I'd guess they're much less than thrilled about it.

The Combat Philosopher said...

Ok, I have been lurking here, off and on (mostly off), a while. The following post may be of interest to your regulars. Then again, it may not be -- it is a little late in the season. Anyhow, job seekers might want to look here. I hope it is useful, at least to some. I will post some APA tips too, in a while. While it sucks as a job candidate, know that it is also no 'bed of roses' being one of the people on the other side too.

The Combat Philosopher