Saturday, June 2, 2007

No Time for the Killing Floor

There's this conference I want to go to in the early fall--not to present, mind you, just to see the talks and do some shmoozing. Actually, the shmoozing is the main thing. Now, one of the profs at this conference is a guy who knows me and who's very kindly looked at some of my work before and given me comments on it. Him knowing me is probably going to make the shmoozing easier. So that's good.

But this prof hasn't seen any of the work I'm going to be talking up while I'm there. And he's not going to see it either, because I didn't have my shit together enough to give it to him before the summer. ("Summer" is a senior faculty idiom that means "grad students go away.")

I should have gamed-out that shmoozing six months in advance. Fuck. I'm still learning lessons the hard way.

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