Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Can Cut the Lawn, Cut My Hair, Cut Out My Cholesterol

I had a good meeting with the Professor yesterday. (Okay, it was good in a certain sense.) We were talking job market strategy for next year, because I wanted some advice about job talks. I know, it's early to be thinking about those. If I'm lucky enough to be giving job talks, it won't be until the new year. But I wanted to be thinking about them way out in advance.

The Professor's advice was that I need to have several different job talks ready to go on several different topics. As I've mentioned, my work is obscure. I need to spin it in one direction or another to make it interesting to different people. But now the advice is, I need different jobs talks about different things so I can spin myself in various different directions, depending on who's thinking about hiring me.

So that's a lot more work for me. But okay, I can handle it. And I'd rather be thinking about it now, rather than next January.

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