Monday, July 30, 2007

Welcome to the New World Order

Call Tom Friedman! I came back from a relaxing weekend away from my e-mail to find my inbox full of honest-to-god globalization!

This paper I just had accepted a little while ago? I guess the journal's doing my page proofs, and they e-mailed to check up on a little detail. The e-mail came from some guy in Mylapore, India. The guy works for something called Scientific Publishing Services. So this journal's outsourcing their copyeditting to some Indian publishing company. Seriously. I had no idea this went on, but after a little looking around, it looks like it's SOP. Who knew? What a flat, flat world we live in, no? Very flat. No bumps at all.

This also helps explain why the journal in question seems to work at light speed, as opposed the worst offender of the other journals currently sitting on my papers. At this journal, someone's actually working. You know, as opposed to letting papers collect in some random e-mail inbox, unread for months and months and months. On a related semantic point, can you call it "outsourcing" if in your home country the work never actually gets done?

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