Friday, July 20, 2007

Forever in Debt to Your Priceless Advice

Consider this one more low drum-beat from far off in the woods, portending the approach of something terrible: a Chroncle article telling me I should already be thinking about next year's job market. Actually, that's good advice for anyone who needs it. I don't, since I had a hard lesson last year about how early you should start this crap.

Less good advice is this:
Be sure to update your CV so that it includes all of your recent accomplishments including recently published papers, newly awarded grants, and anything else you may have achieved since you last updated it.

Yes. Do remember to update your CV. Also, remember not to send one of your crayon drawings of prancing ponies as your writing sample, and try not to drool too much on any one piece of your application package.

1 comment:

P.G.O.A.T. said...

Aw, man. My prancing pony crayon drawing is totally my best piece of work right now.

I'm so screwed.