Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gonna Make You Sweat

The world seems dead set against me getting much work done today. My laptop power supply exploded in flash of blue flame a couple of days ago, so no laptop for me. Nor can I use the computers at school for much. See, the AC in my department is busted, and the effort it takes to type is making me sweat so much I'm losing fluids faster than I can replace them.

Since blogging is more physical activity than I can handle in this heat, I'll just continue my little tour of the job market in the rest of the academy. Here's d of the awesome LGM talking about the job market in history:
The job market for historians is a humiliating, soul-spindling meat grinder, a fact to which I would happily attest more specifically off the record and over multiple strong drinks with anyone who feels like looking at the clock every five minutes and wondering when this guy is going to shut the fuck up.

A humiliating, soul-spindling meat grinder? That sounds awfully familiar. Oh, and you can rest easy it'll be a while before I STFU.

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