Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kissin' the Ring, Buffalo Wings, Honkin' Your Horn, Internet Porn

Just to follow up on Saturday's post about distributing mp3s to my class, there's some good suggestions in comments. If I could post an mp3 to Blackboard, the obnoxious off-the-shelf platform for class websites that my school uses, it'd at least be pass protected, and so that might take care of the RIAA. Of course, that would also mean bothering to have a course Blackboard site, which is a major downside, since course websites are principally a means of making instructors do more work and students do less. ("Can you post your lectures notes?" "I lost my assignment. Can you post it?" "I can't log on for some reason. Can you e-mail me the readings?")

But for the music, it might just be the ticket.

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