Monday, May 7, 2007

A Hundred Billion Castaways, Looking for a Home

This is a telling read. A bunch of philosophy grad students were surveyed about a bunch of things, and here's a little of what they had to say.

You should ask yourself whether you would want a doctoral degree in your field of study even if you could not get a job directly applicable to what you got your degree in? If you would not want the degree without the assurance of a job in your field you should probably not go to grad school.

Be very clear and realistic about your employment opportunities after graduating, both within and without academia.

Reconsider your decision to pursue a Ph.D. The job market in most fields is poorer than your professors will lead you to believe.

The funny thing is--in the philosophy job market sense of "funny"--these aren't reponses to a question about the job market. Nope, these are supposed to be about "what doctoral study entails." Turns out doctoral study entails a lot of job market-related freaking out.

Bonus comedy: "Also, in writing your dissertation, prepare to be alone."

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