Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things Without Which a Dissertation Would Not Be Possible, Part II: An Ode to Ballantine's

The job market is a terrifically stressful enterprise, and Ballantine's offers unparalleled solace for the beleaguered grad student's soul.

Plus, it functions nicely as a substitute for positive feedback. Who needs an advisor to feel all warm and fuzzy and confident, anyway?

Let me point out that this is not just economy scotch you're looking at here. This is the economy size of the economy scotch. 1.75 litres, baby.


Anonymous said...

You might consider checking out some of the wines reviewed here:

Mostly Trader Joes, mostly under $12, mostly worth drinking.

P.G.O.A.T. said...

Thanks, anon. Looks like a good site. I've actually had some of the wines they've reviewed. (Which is impressive to me, since I'm anything but a wine connoisseur.)