Sunday, March 11, 2007

Small Progress

PJMB reader KHD writes to say,
You'd better post something at least remotely happy at some point b/c reading that just made me want to tell both of you "Muffin!" and bake you some banana bread.

Well, I could really use some banana bread, but alas, I actually have something positive to report. You remember that paper I need to be my first non-dissertation-related publication? Well, I managed to draft a section of it that's been kicking my fucking ass for the better part of a week--even on the days when I wasn't watching The Wire and sucking my thumb for hours and hours.

So that's some small progress. Of course, the section is way too long as it is, and still has only a crappy explanation of what needs to be explained. But it's a start. Bring on that nicely rounded-out CV!

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