Friday, October 26, 2007

The lives of others.

Something occurred to me a few days ago, in a rare glimmer of respite from the self-absorption. (Don't get me wrong. We're all about wallowing in the self-absorption here at PJMB. But even the navel-gazingest of philosophers can manage to pull her head out of her ass once in a while.) I was talking with another friend about a colleague of ours--this really great guy who's had a streak of shitty things happen to him, both on the job market and off--about how we were both hoping this would finally be his year on the market. And I realized that it's not just my own self-absorbed ass I've got to worry about.

The fact is, a lot of people I care a lot about are going to end up fucked by this beast. That really fucking sucks.

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Anonymous said...

And then, with "luck," you will wind up with some crappy job in some crappy town "teaching" a bunch of unprepared, uninterested, apathetic, lazy students! And if your "research" is published, it will be largely ignored. And then, if not before, you'll wonder why you did all this crap anyway. Should have been a lawyer or something.