Friday, October 12, 2007

I Always Done an Honest Job As Honest As I Could

Everybody's had a day or so to start digesting the JFP, and people are starting to back off a little from positive first reactions like PGOAT's and Leiter's. Yeah, if you look at the numbers, it looks like there's a lot of jobs. But I only see about 50 so far I can apply for, down by about 20 from last October's JFP.

As commentors in Leiter's thread point out, when you start reading through the ads, you see things like eight or ten numbers assigned to general humanities postdocs, none of which will necessarily go to philosophers. And there seem to be a lot of ads for non-tenure-track jobs--both visiting and adjunct jobs.

It's pretty fucked up to see Marist College advertising in the JFP for ten--count 'em, ten--adjunct jobs. As Eric over in Leiter's thread says, "that's 10 of the positions in the issue which are nothing more than trolls for slaves."

My school's last president used to say the president is the CEO of the university. Now we're going to see just how much like a Wal-Mart a college can get.

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