Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And I'll Gamble Away My Time

I've been hammering trying to get all my application crap ready to go out in a binge of mass-mailing, but work just sort of came to a standstill today. I meant to write two different versions of my statement of research interests, and I managed to write one paragraph of one. That took me close to three hours. And it sucks. Relatedly, I suck.

That, screwing around with the little bits of job market bullshit that never seem to end, and a couple hours dealing with a floundering fall semester freshman who's freaking out about writing the first essay in her life that's actually hard--all that, and a day goes by without me getting more than a single sucky paragraph closer to putting shit in the mail.

In happier news, Beirut's new album is living up to the hype.


kalbir said...

I love beirut but haven't bought the new album yet, you just convinced me (it wasn't too hard).

Am very much nejoying this blog, keep up the good work!

Pseudonymous Grad Student said...

kalbir -- First impressions? About half of it is really awesome, the other half only good. But well worth it!