Sunday, September 30, 2007

We're Getting Ready to Know

I was griping a couple of days ago about how my department didn't really prep us for interviews with teaching schools. Let me tell you a little good news on that front.

The good news comes from PC Jr. and Committee Member #3. Like all my profs, they don't really know much about how teaching school interviews work, but at least they know they don't know. So in our first placement meeting, PC Jr. said he and Committee Member #3 were going to ask around to some of their friends at teaching colleges to, you know, find out how their searches work, and how they run their interviews. Their idea is, if I'm following it right, to then tell us what they've learned. That way, we might actually have some inkling of what to expect in those interviews.

This is a really good thing. I mean that. I heart junior faculty.


Lally said...
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Lally said...

Sorry. That was stupid. What I meant to say was, here is a link about this:

Evaluating Teaching Credentials

and also that it might not be perfect since he does not seem to be coming from the perspective of a smaller teaching institution, nevertheless it gives an idea of what kinds of things faculty think about when they think about teaching. Also the comments are good.