Saturday, September 1, 2007

How hard is it to write a letter?

After reading PGS talk about his rejection letters, I’m reminded of how few of them I received. And that’s not because I got job offers instead of letters.

Now, I did a very selective search last year. I only applied for eight jobs. But, I received one (one!) rejection letter, and that was from the only school that gave me an interview. (I must have made a good impression to deserve a letter.)

Maybe hiring committees have been reading PGS’s rejection letter posts and decided that my feelings would be hurt less by being ignored than by receiving a letter written in the passive voice. Or maybe I should add another item to the list of things that are dehumanizing about the philosophy job market.

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recent hire said...

It's not that uncommon for places to send rejections only to people they've interviewed -- in fact, sometimes not even all of those send letters out.

And yeah, it's dehumanizing, but that's partly because places are looking at hundreds of dossiers; they're not dehumanizing you personally, IYKWIM.