Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Comics

"There Can Be Only One." Soon-to-be-Jaded Dissertator says that title comes from his room mate, who around these parts goes by Fellow Grad Student, and who's apparently still feeling the Robbie Burns' day spirit. "We're the princes of the universe!"

If only this applied to my life, and not my embarrassing fantasies about sword-fighting.


Anonymous said...

i'm reminded of something i heard little richard say once:
"there's only ooooone little richard!
cain't be no mo!"

this profound metaphysical insight seemed deserving of a name, e.g. little richard's axiom vel sim.

but i thought it only applied to proper proper names, not descriptions like "employed philosopher", or "successful applicant on the market this winter."

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, unless you are Spanish by way of Egypt with a Scottish accent or Scottish with a French accent, you shan't be one of the final candidates for the prize.

Also, The Kurgan clearly goes to Rutgers.

Anonymous said...

What are women expected to wear at campus visits? The parameters seem to be:

1. heels vs. flat shoes
2. skirt vs. pants
3. jacket vs. no jacket

This is off topic, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:04,

Last year, we had a female candidate wear sneaks, pants, and a sweater.

She got the job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 4:04PM,
I'm on the TT now. When I was on campus interviews, I always wore comfortable shoes or boots (I interviewed in VT, Canada, MN, and southern cal). You do a lot of walking and sometimes are on your feet most of the day. I think a jacket is a best because it looks more professional. Other than being tidy and matched, I don't think it matters if you wear a skirt or pants. i wouldn't wear a short skirt. and I'd wear pants in a cold climate. Hope this helps and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sneaks, pants, and a sweater! And a job!

Oh, I'm so jealous. I hate dressing for these things.

Seems to me that outfit choice should be dictated by weather this time of year. I wouldn't even consider wearing a skirt and heels at a snowy/icy campus visit. If I'm visiting for two days, I've tended to wear the suit with jacket one day (to show the proper level of deference) and then dress down slightly the second day. Also, if I have a chance to change before the post-talk dinner, I prefer to change out of a suit so I don't look like such a dweeb at the restaurant. Same thing goes for meeting with students; if you're hanging out with students at a pub you don't want to be the only dork in a suit.

I've spent far more time thinking about this kind of minutia than I've actually spent at campus visits over the years. For what it's worth.