Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Comics

"Dreamin' Man." By Soon-to-be-Jaded Dissertator. (Click to make it big.)


Anonymous said...

in the past, i've been worried that you'd drop out of the graduate program and have no plans for life.

but now that i see you're developing this whole pizza-on-a-stick line of snack-foods, i think you have a bright future ahead of you.

still, not everyone is going to go for pepperoni--you should offer other flavors. maybe something with a tex-mex theme, too.

the ghost of charles schultz said...

I don't know what half of these comics mean, but there's something strangely compelling about them. Me likey.

Soon-to-be-jaded-dissertator said...

If I'm going to go with the pizza on the stick plan, which admittedly would be easier to market than my dissertation (if it ever gets finished), I also might want to include some cheese on the pizza instead of just marinara sauce.

Furthermore, upon completion I began to wonder how exactly the stick was remaining in the upright position. Then I realized that in addition to beginning a snack revolution I also created a magic snack.

Look for magic pizza on the stick in the frozen food section of your local grocer in the near future!

Anonymous said...

What does it say up there in the stars?

Anonymous said...

Cat Stevens?

Anonymous said...

I'll say one thing for STBJ's comics – they are better than Maurive Leiter's poésie.

Anonymous said...


There is some funny shit that gets posted on this blog (c.f. the defense of buttfuck jokes in the next thread), but that was my favorite. The use of the word "poésie" put it over the top.

Anonymous said...

Re: 9:55

A delightful ZING to the self-righteous Leiterites!

fellow grad student said...

Spill it...

What's in the bag??? It's killing me!

Anonymous said...

10:39? hello? say what?

who are the "self-righteous leiterites", and why would they feel zung by 9:55?

i mean--i like leiter okay as an individual, and i think his report has done a lot of good over the years, and i think most of the criticisms directed at him are completely misplaced.

so i'm probably as good a candidate as any for being a 'self-righteous leiterite' (excluding b.l. himself from the competition).

and yet, i cannot imagine feeling at all zinged by somebody pointing out that the poetry is crap. sorry brian--i admire the filial piety and all, but the poetry is crap.

but, 10:39--what in god's name do you expect me to feel? "curses! someone has ridiculed maurice leiter's poetry! my assessment of the leiter report's utility has thereby been reduced to ashes!"

is that the way your mind works, 10:39? you set up heroes to worship, and then feel threatened when someone teases any aspect of them?

because that's not how i think. i think the guy provides a service, and i appreciate it, and the fact that he also prints drivel on fridays neither reduces the value of the service he provides on the other days, nor reduces my appreciation of it.

oh--and, hey, 9:55-- good joke. if there are any "self-righteous leiterites", i bet they thought it was pretty funny, as i did.

M. Teiler said...

I see in the PJMB comments
A discussion of ML's poésie
What a shock to my delicate nature
When the thread like menstruation
Bows to anon 4:09
And good humor is shed
Like an endometrium past its prime

Oh PJMB blog oh PJMB readers
What absurdly awkward metaphors will
In your silky comment threads brood

Mr. Zero said...

Does anybody know who Maurice Leiter even is? I can't find any information on LR--which is really weird given the huge amount of his (ghastly) poems BL has posted over the years. There appears to be a high-powered corporate lawyer by that name who represented Philip Morris Tobacco in one of those "they lied to me" suits. It would be amazingly weird if it was the same guy.

There's a funny exchange here between BL and some guy who makes fun of the poetry on his blog. BL gets super pissy with the guy: "Without knowing whether you have any competence to evaluate poetry..."

Come on, man. How competent do you need to be? You don't need an MFA to know that last Friday's poem, "Flyer," is a black hole of literary awfulness. Take note:

What a shock to my delicate nature
For holidays to burst upon the nation
In the midst of my disorientation


P.G.O.A.T. said...

Okay folks. Play nice. The poetry on Leiter's blog is written by his dad or brother or something. It's not really my thing either, but maybe we can ease up a little?

Mr. Zero said...

Hi P.G.O.A.T,

Fair enough. But is it the same Maurice who represented Philip Morris? That's what's killing me inside.

inquiring mind said...

I always assumed that 'Maurice Leiter' was just Brian Leiter's nome de plume -- a name for BL's softer, Friday-afternoon-in-the-cafe-with beret side, if you like.


Anonymous said...

I really think that it is legitimate to complain about the poetry on Leiter Reports. Because everyone who reads them reads them for professional news, and the poetry is flung inflicted upon us. And I use that word advisedly, and I know this is not a nice thing to say, but literally, it is the worst poetry I know of in the world. And this make Leiter a self-important wanker.

Anonymous said...

there's a case to be made that leiter is a self-important wanker, but i would say the poems are one of the weaker planks in that platform.

look--i realized early on that i didn't think much of his dad's/bro's/alter ego's poetry, so i *don't read it*.

nobody's inflicting nothing on nobody.

don't like it? don't read it!

it's a really simple technique. you can apply it not only to web-sites, but to books, too, and probably to journal articles if you practice.

and leiter makes it extra easy, by publishing it on a regular schedule. cool, huh?

oh--and if you think it's the *worst* poetry out there, then you *really* haven't read much on the web.

Anonymous said...

I don’t get it. The poetry isn’t “inflicted” on you. Don’t read it. I never do.

And how does this make Leiter a self-important wanker? If I had a blog that a thousand people read, and my brother wanted to put some poetry on it, I’d let him. (And if it was crappy poetry, I wouldn’t know, so I’d let him anyway.)

Anonymous said...

I too think "Maurice" is a nom de plume, like "Space Cowboy" or "Gangster of Love".

Anonymous said...

You know what's great about the link Mr. Zero gave us? Apparently the guy on the other end of the exchange is a PhD student at Chicago, the very place Leiter will be next year. If he's still there, I hope they go out to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please find out who Maurice Leiter is? How hard can that be in this day and age? He's not fucking Thomas Pynchon. I had always read it as "Maurine Leiter" and assumed it was his wife. Please get on this, someone. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I swear I found a picture of him one time and it looked like a brother, for sure. A blackmailing one, maybe?

Anonymous said...

It's his brother - the guy who also defended Philip Morris as Mr. Zero pointed out. Check out the physical similarity between them.

The poetry is awful, but just skip it, like everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

how dense do people have to be? it's obviously his brother -- and it's obviously crappy poetry as well.