Thursday, December 20, 2007

Special Offer

The fantastically polite and friendly James S. Taylor has written us here at PJMB to ask us to post an offer for you, our loyal readers. And since his request was accompanied by some very nice compliments about the blog, I'm not about to refuse. Let this be a lesson, folks. Flattery will get you everywhere. At least with me, it will.
I was wondering if any of you or your readers would like to write book reviews for the Journal of Value Inquiry? (Books to be reviewed should be in the general area of "value inquiry" broadly understood--basically, anything normative is fine!--and should be published no earlier than 2006.) Of course, book reviews don't count for much, if anything, for SCs, and in any case I'm afraid that this offer will come too late to help anyone with this round of applications. But if someone's addressing a new(ish) book for their diss. anyway, this would be an easy way to get another line of the CV, and some experience with the publishing process. And we can easily work out Spring (or later) deadlines to fit in with people's schedules.

If anyone's interested, please do get in contact with me directly, at: jtaylor -at- tcnj -dot- edu

So toddle off and write some book reviews for the nice man, will you? Good kids.


Anonymous said...

Since it appears that so many of us are not getting any or many interviews, and there were a lot of jobs this year, who is getting all the interviews? Is there a few number of people getting tons? If so, there is hope since a few number of people cannot fill all of the jobs.

Anonymous said...

There were shit-tons of applicants, for one thing. I know people on search committees at two mid-range Leiter-ranked schools, each of which received between 400 and 450 applications.

I don't think you can really draw any conclusions about what's happening in general based on discussions on this blog, or what's going on over at the wiki. Some people are no doubt getting lots of interviews; some people are getting a few; some people are getting just one; some people are drawing goose-eggs. Maybe a lot of us are. There's no way to for any of us tell how many fall in each category, especially since everyone here posts anonymously, and most people don't even bother to pick a consistent nickname.

Sorry not to be of any help.

Anonymous said...

If by hope you mean hope for a job you haven't been selected to interview for by the time the APA rolls around, I'd say no - it's vanishingly rare for someone not on the interview list to wind up with the job. So if you have no interviews by Christmas, drink lots of nog, write off this job season, and get ready for Spring.

However, if by hope you mean hope that your chances of landing a job you're interviewing for is greater than appears on the surface, then yes - it's very likely that your chances are MUCH greater than they appear. Many SCs will wind up taking their third, fourth, or fifth choice - as schools compete for many of the same candidates. So don't discount your chances if you have only one or two interviews.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:33,

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Right, so that means that if you have an interview, you don't get a call for a fly out, you're still possibly in the running. It may be that the 3 that they choose to do fly-outs either aren't favored or they all three don't take the job.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for posting this, P.G.O.A.T.! It's very much appreciated, and I've already been able to commission several people who write to me from this 'blog to write reviews.

And, of course, the *very* best of luck to everyone on the job search. Try not to let the APA steal Christmas completely...